About Little ol’ Me!

My name is Sahsha and I adore photography! C’mon in and let sit awhile and chat!  A quick little bit about little ol’ me.. We are a big family full of laughter, crazy days, and trying to follow this life God has given us! When not busy running after my six littles I love to take photos- I’m sure you guessed that, right?!- also I craft, sew, be with friends, and love LOVE CoFFeE! How about you?

My first passion of capturing photos is being able to take your moments and create authentic art for you. Families baking cookies, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, hiking, reading stories, painting, coffee dates, and more! What is something special you want remember and always be able to look back on?

Seniors just about to fly the nest- young and vibrant – joyful and real. 

Engagement sessions that are an adventure to tell a small story about your love. Your souls. Your life documented as it is now. 

A growing belly. Anticipation and connection. A new baby and the feel of them through photos- the everyday moments of a family newly grown and the details you never want to miss. 

And yet is there something that would be even more amazing than to be able to look AND hear those you hold dearly combined with tasteful moments, details, emotion and music all in one?!  Then maybe a Family Film session is for you!!! 

I looooove birth and the whole process of how the amazing body God has given women for nurturing and birthing babies unfolds! So my absolutely favorite type of photography is birth photography! Doula work is something near and dear to me and after attending Doula training a few years ago I’ve finally started to delve back into helping mothers through labor and delivery.

My not-so-little family of EIGHT live just outside of the big town Kansas City! We love the outdoors- walking, biking, swinging, jumping, sliding, throwing a Frisbee, and more! C’mon over and stay for a bit!

So if you are in the area I’d love to meet you and take a moment in time to capture YOUR life and what you love also! 

**photo credits to my dear friend Rebecca with Rebecca Clair Photography 


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