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Everyday Folk

 Session Rate: $400

1 hour session

85+ hand edited images in a digital gallery for immediate download within 2 weeks

This session is great for:

~Immediate family unit

~Lifestyle newborn in home


~H.S. Seniors


Special Folk

 Session Rates:

~Engaged Folks: $475

1-1.5 hours, change of outfits, etc..

average around 85+ pictures

~Extended Family Folks: $585

up to 18 people, any additional after that is $30 per person

1- 1.5 hours session
includes full family pictures, each family unit pictures, children group pictures, grandchildren group pictures, and many more combinations!

~Birthing Folks: $1650

free consultation

on call 2 weeks prior and until 2 weeks after due date

will attend during active labor and up to 1-2 hours after birth as needed for after birth checks and details

usually 80+ pictures

**Birth film add on option for only $550

~Folks to be celebrated: $450

up to 2 hours at event

over 100 pictures sent in a digital gallery for immediate download – capturing emotions, details, people, fun, etc!!! No posing- strictly documentary

~Wedding Folks: $2500

free consultation

up to 10 hours coverage

average usually over 350+ pictures all given to you with print release

                  ~Folksy Films: $750

2-3 hours filming your family at home making memories together

You will be given a 3-4 minute family video set to licensed music plus some full sized hand edited photos from your session you can download and print!

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